Dave Poirer

VP Operations & IT

Dave Poirier
VP Operations & IT

Dave joined Sturbridge Capital in late 2019 as Vice President Operations and IT. Dave’s role encompasses all aspects of IT including strategy, planning, innovation, operations, information security and compliance, policy, and cost management. Sturbridge employs an expanding list of world class systems to meet all of its business needs including resiliency, security and compliance.

Dave came to Sturbridge after retiring from General Motors after more than 41 years of service. In his last assignment at GM, he led the IT support efforts for GM Defense and GM’s joint venture and alliance partners in locations throughout the globe. During his long career at GM, Dave held numerous positions within the engineering and IT groups and was widely recognized being awarded several GM CIO awards and the GM Chairman’s award.

Dave earned his Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from the General Motors Institute (GMI), a Masters of Science in Electrical Engineering from Oakland University, and an Executive Masters of Business Administration from the University of Michigan.